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Réunion SL presents

ALIVE IN SALONE; Salone Still Geh Life

Once referred to as the Athens of West Africa for its  early success in education and medicine, Freetown was home to the first institution of higher learning in modern sub-Saharan Africa after the collapse of the university at Timbuktu.  Fourah Bay College opened in 1827 and at the time was the only alternative to Europe and America for British colony West Africans who wanted a university degree.

Home to the world’s third largest natural harbor and largest natural harbor in the African region, amongst  the largest producers of titanium and bauxite, a major producer of gold, and in the top ten diamond-producing nations, suffered from multiple coups as well as economic turmoil and state corruption, slipped into a decade-long civil war, experienced an outbreak of the Ebola virus, mudslide, ranked as 8th least developed country In 2020, according to the UN’s Human Development Index.


Our Sierra Leone is ranked amongst the most peaceful nations in the world, with high religious and social tolerance, liked for its exquisite natural scenery; lush rainforests, beautiful palm-fringed and white-sand beaches, rich culture, a fascinating history, and friendly people, the beautiful country, Sierra Leone, is still  largely unexplored.

The theme; “ALIVE IN SALONE: SALONE STILL GEH LIFE” has been carefully selected to celebrate our beautiful country and  its ever so resilient people, in spite of everything else...

Exhibition Dates: 17-19 December 2021
Time: 12pm - 10pm daily
Venue: Mango Peak (opposite St. Mary’s Hillstation)
Free Entry