Freetown Performance Festival
Public Space in Freetown
Aug 12-15, 2021
Performance Festival


A performance festival that takes place in the public space of Freetown and reunites local and international artists. 

Public Space in Freetown
Time and location of public interventions are published on Réunion’s social media channels. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook

Andreas Wagner
Brigham Baker
Carlos Fernandez
Cosima Grand
Fantacee Wiz Mapping
Felix Rhodes Mapping
Hawa Kanu Mapping
Isata Tejan Sesay Mapping
Juliette Uzor
Mabel Turay Mapping
Nelly Haliti
Sandino Scheidegger 
Sergio Rojas Chaves 
Sheka Kallon Mapping

We do not make a difference between artists, curators, directors or other participants and forego to designate specific roles as they naturally overlap in our arts festivals.  

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