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Réunion SL presents two exhibitions

15 Ships to Sierra Leone 

In January of 1792, 1,200 Black Loyalists sailed in 15 ships from Halifax Harbour to Sierra Leone where they founded Freetown. They were made up mostly of ministers, teachers, soldiers, craftsmen, and their families and they became the first large group of former slaves ever to return to Africa. The month of March this year marks the  230 years anniversary since their arrival to the shores of Sierra Leone.

Autism in Sierra Leone

Autism: Promoting awareness, and understanding of Autism and autistic children in Sierra Leone. Despite its prevalence in African communities, autism usually is attributed to being cursed or possessed by an evil spirit. Children with autism are usually hidden away at home, sometimes tied up, and most times undiagnosed.

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), Reunion Freetown is partnering with Sahid Autism to stimulate public awareness and understanding of autism through art. Having recognized that art is a crucial healing tool in activism as it brings survivors' and victims’ lived individual experiences to the global eye,  Reunion SL leverages the power of creative expression as a tool for advocacy whiles creating a platform that promotes self-reliant and financially independent youths in the visual arts sector. 
There will also be displays from Reunion’s network of artists; paintings, upcycling art, carving, digital and clay art.

Exhibition Dates: 7-10 April 2022
Time: 1pm - 11pm daily
Venue: Mango Peak (opposite St. Mary’s Hillstation)
Free Entry