The independent art space was open to the public from 2013 to 2017 and located at the Müllerstrasse 57 in 8004 Zurich.

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The space was founded by Andreas Wagner, Sandino Scheidegger, Marcel Meury und Christiane Büntgen.
Other partners who joined along the way:
ECAL Andrea Staudacher, Bühler/Wädi, Tanzhaus Zürich, Le Foyer and Motto Distribution

This Is Way too Lifestyle
Réunion Zurich
Oct 2016
No text is as good as the exhibition.

Artists: Ivan Mitrovic and Yves Born. Exhibtion conceived by Andreas Wagner and Mateo Chacon-Pino. 
Ellipsis Ellipse
Réunion Zurich
May 2016
No text is as good as the exhibition.

Artists: Norbert Costin and Miriam Sturzenegger. Exhibition conceived by Andreas Wagner.
The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation
Réunion Zurich
Jun 2016
Performance Festival
The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation is formed for the non-globetrotting crowd and the young people of Zurich. The festival wants to expand the idea of contemporary art, art-space, art-event and time in general with music performances by the all-girl jazzy, post-pop-punk band Ravioli Me Away, the theatrical music performer Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE and Hove aka Marc Hofweber, among others.

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Conceived by Andreas Wagner, Keren Cytter and Natalie Keppler.
Zum Sweat Cube
Réunion Zurich
Jan 2014 – Mar 2017
Installation, Happenings
The geometric wooden construction, built in the garage of Réunion, is a fully functional sauna and a system for collecting sweat conceived by Marcel Meury. Visitors are invited to relax in the sauna, whereas the organic result of their (passive) efforts is carefully collected and frozen for conservation and further use by the artist.

Conceived by Marcel Meury. The installation is complemented by special bathrobes, shoes, towels and sun loungers installed on-site.