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Second Performance Festival
Isla del Tigre / Isla Exposición
Feb 10 – 15, 2020
Performance Festival

After the first edition held in 2018 at the National Park La Tigra, the Second Performance Festival of RÉUNION will take place in Amapala on Isla del Tigre and and its neighbouring island Isla Exposicion. Amapala is the largest town on the Isla del Tigre, a volcanic island in the Gulf of Fonseca.

Performance Festival
Artists and Attendees: 
Verónica Alfaro (CR)
Pavel Aguilar (HN)
Marilyn Boror Bor (GTM)
Pía Chavarría (CR)
Carlos Fernández (CR)
Seline Fülscher (CH)
Vanessa Hernandez-Gracia (PR)
Cesar Manzanares (HN)
Leonardo González (HN)
Libertad Rojo (PAN)
Abigail Reyes (ESV)
Ana Urbina (ESP)
Kunsthalle Tropical (CH)
– curated by Adán Vallecillo (HN) and Andreas Wagner (CH)

Public Screening 
conceived by la_ cápsula (CH) with works by:
Daniela Ortiz (PE)
Alexander Ríos (COL)
María Ordóñez (COL)
Paloma Ayala (MEX)

The Festival is supported by:
CCE Casa del Soldado, Panamá
Random Institute, Zurich
Wagner&Friends, Zurich