Things are bound to change.

Réunion Zurich is closed.
Réunion San José opens 2018.
Réunion Tegucigalpa opens 2018.

Réunion combines, condenses and converts curatorial field research and experimental art production. The institution is passed on from partner to partner.

RÉUNION Tegucigalpa

Directed by Adán Vallecillo  → Contact
Grand Opening Honduras
Réunion Tegucigalpa
Feb 23 – 25, 2018
Performance Festival

Réunion opens its new art space in Tegucigalpa with a performance festival that takes place in three different locations:

  • Réunion art space
  • Public space Tegucigalpa
  • La Tigra National Park

Artists: to be announced

The festival is conceived by Adán Vallecillo



Directed by Carlos Fernández & Sergio Rojas Chavez → Contact
Grand Opening Costa Rica
Réunion San José 
Mar 2 – Apr 28, 2018

Réunion opens its new art space in San José with a solo show by the Costa Rican artists Javier Calvo. 

The exhibition is conceived by Carlos Fernández & Sergio Rojas Chaves



The independent art space was open to the public from 2013 – 2017 at Müllerstrasse 57, Zurich.
Founded by Andreas Wagner, Sandino Scheidegger, Marcel Meury und Christiane Büntgen. Other partners who joined along the way: ECAL, Andrea Staudacher, Bühler/Wädi, Tanzhaus Zürich, Le Foyer and Motto Distribution.